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The Star Gate of Sri Lanka

The Star Gate of Sri Lanka - Sakwala Chakraya might be a key to global system of "SCIROCCO" Infrasound vibroacoustic broadcasting interfaces.  

First of all I want to express my thanks to my friends from Sri Lanka, who inspired me 
to write this article and provided me with really unique ideas and materials:
- Chanaka Dev Chathuranga Hettiarachchi;
- Tharaka Chathuranga;
- Rishan Dileepa;
- Dilantha Maneth Perera;
- Soorya Bandara (Sun™).


There is an amazing and unexplained artifact of an ancient civilization of Sri Lanka carved on the rock in Ranmasu Uyana (Gold Fish Park), which is located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. This artifact is called Sakwala Chakraya, also known as The Star Gate of Sri Lanka. It is sandwiched between the Thissa Wewa reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Temple.  All of them are forming the pleasure garden of the ancient Sri Lanka royals, full of secrets still unexplained by modern knowledge. It is possibly one of the most hidden mysteries of Human civilization.
The goal of this article is attempt to solve a riddle of Sakwala Chakraya.

Sakwala Chakraya Stargates from Archaeological Survey of Ceylon, Annual Report, by H.C.P. Bell
Drawing of the Sakwala Chakraya -  the Star Gate of Sri Lanka

Sakwala Chakraya appears to be a carving on the surface of a granite rock as some kind of a "weird circular diagram". It's cut shallowly on the steeply projecting rock face and looks like a great chakra, or circle 6 ft in diameter. On it there are rectangular divisions that contain figures  (mostly small circles with cross inside), the whole girt, as a tyred wheel, by a band on which is displayed variant piscine and crustacean life swimming in a circle from right to left.

Sakwala Chakraya is star gates of Sri Lanka, carved on rock surface

 Location of Sakwala Chakraya star gates near Ranmasu Yana, Isurumuniya, Tisa Wewa
Sakwala Chakraya, Star Gates located by Isurumuniya Rock Temple, Anuradhapura
Sakwala Chakraya (Star Gates) is located just beyond the northern confines of Isurumuniya Rock Temple, at the very foot of the embankment of the Tisa Wewa tank, this place is also known as RANMASU UYANA, which means the garden of golden fishes. There are lots of ponds like in Sigiriya.

Where is Sakwala Chakraya, Star Gates located at Ranmasu Yana, Anuradhapura
Sakwala Chakraya, Star Gates teleport for ancient aliens and gods anunakis

The first and a very good one scientific description of this you can find in the "Archaeological Survey of Ceylon North-Central and Central Provinces, Annual Report", written in 1901 by H. C. P. Bell C.C.S., Archaeological Commissioner. Here is a link to PDF.

Meaning of the name.

For a start, let's investigate a meaning of a phrase "Sakwala Chakraya". 

  • This is a bana or "word" uttered by Gautama Buddha in his oral instructions. Sakwala is a mundane, or rather a solar system, of which there is an infinite number in the universe, and which denotes that space to which the light of every sun extends. Each Sakwala contains earth, hells and heavens (meaning good and bad spheres, our earth being considered as hell, in Occultism); attains its prime, then falls into decay and is finally destroyed at regularly recurring periods, in virtue of one immutable law.
  • Direct Sinhala meaning of Sakwala is Universe, or Galaxy. 
  • It is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or disc. 
  • Also Chakraya means disc, or rotating circle on Sinhala. 
  • From Buddhist point of view this is a structure of Universe or rotation cycle of life forms.
So, the meaning of phrase "Sakwala Chakraya" might be "The rotating cycle of (life in) the Universe"

But please don’t forget that we have no idea about when and by whom this phrase was originated from the very outset. May be, in ancient times it had another Name. It is because some things in Anuradhapura ancient city may be much older than Buddhism itself… 

An interesting observation: One of my Lankan friends said: "Archaeologists didn't mention about dates of Sakwala Chakraya and Ranmasu Yana (where are a lot of magnificent granite ponds like in Sigiriya) origin... Because it's a puzzle to the archaeologists in Sri Lanka. Even NASA people had observed them in early 90's including Sigiriya. So they also keep their eyes on these two places." 

My comment: And it's not possible to measure the carbon dates, because this method could be used only for organic materials (materials of biological origin). 

Let's look at this riddle from the different angle, trying to understand it in the other way, different from officially accepted versions and theories.

Investigation of current versions of purpose.

There are some versions what the Sakwala Chakraya actually is:

1. According to the official version, described in the above-mentioned "…Annual Report", Sakwala Chakraya is an ancient "map of the world" - perhaps the oldest in existence. The concentric circles with their interspaces at the centre of the chakra can assuredly mean only the Sakvala, in the centre of which rises Maha Meru or Sri Yantra ("sacred instrument"), surrounded by the seven seas (Sidanta) and walls of rock (Yugandhara) which shut in that fabulous mountain, 1,680,000 miles in height, half below, half above, the ocean's surface. Sun and moon (in the second strips) lie on either side of the Sakvala: round about in space are scattered innumerable other worlds represented by quadrisected circles. Below and around is the "world of waters" (i.e., the circular band) in which swarm gigantic uncouth denizens-fish, turtle, crab, and other marine fauna.
From the other hand, it is also the way Tantric Buddhist monks perceived the world. So, Sakwala Chakraya could be used for Buddhist meditation.

Four Buddhist monks meditating by Sakwala Chakraya, sitting on granite stone sits
Four Buddhist monks are meditating in front of Sakwala
Chakraya, sitting on stone sits

So, can Sakwala Chakraya originally be a "map of the world" as it was presumed by Hinduism or Buddhism? I think it is hardly possible.

I have some arguments based on many facts for that:

1.1. Sakwala Chakraya is completely different from Sri Chakra with Maha Meru, as you can see with your own eyes:

color picture of Sri Chakra, sacred wheel or Mahameru
Sri Chakra ("sacred wheel") or Mahameru

3D model of Sri Chakra, Sri Yantra, sacred instrument, Maha Meru
3D model of Sri Chakra  - Sri Yantra ("sacred instrument").
The two dimensional Sri Chakra, when it is projected into
three dimensions is called a Maha Meru.

So, as you can see, Sakwala Chakraya represented differently – with neatly drawn rectangular areas, in some way logically symmetrical by horizontal line. Image consists of standardized elements – two sets of seven concentric circles with dots (cups) in center, rectangular areas similar to each other and circles with cross inside. Rectangular areas are drawn by orthogonally curved straight lines. Central set of circles is exactly in two times bigger in diameter than upper set of circles. There are only some of elements look strange, but we will talk about it later. 

Sri Chakra is drawn by inserted in circles triangles of different sizes, in turn inserted into each other with some displacement from the mutual center of symmetry:

interesting article about How to Draw the Sri Chakra Yantra Maha Meru

By the way, here is a very interesting article about How to Draw the Sri Chakra Yantra.

If we are looking for similarity, we can find it here with a high probability:

six-point Star of David, Shield of David or Magen David

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David, generally recognized as a symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism.
But it was not a symbol of Judaism in ancient times. Initially it is an ancient Hindu symbol, called Anahata Chakra, Heart Chakra of love.
There is really something to think about...

1.2. Mark of a cross inside a circle (which we see many on Sakwala Chakraya) has some similarity with so-called Sun Cross or "wheel cross"  which is frequently found in the symbolism of prehistoric cultures, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods (presumably 7000 BC–3000 BC). It could not have any direct connections with Buddhism or Hinduism.
There are a lot of these symbols carved on the stone roofs of the Dolmens of North Caucasus

cross inside a circle, Sun Cross, wheel cross, Planet Earth symbol

These terms "sun cross" and "wheel cross" are modern and hint at speculative interpretations in the context of prehistoric religion. The actual significance of these symbols in the prehistoric period is not known
An interesting detail: it is also an astrological symbol of the Planet Earth.

So, it is obvious that originally Sakwala Chakraya didn’t represent any religious aspects and couldn’t be used as an artifact of any known to us religions. 

1.3. There are no other known images similar to Sakwala Chakraya in Hindu or Buddhism culture.

1.4. There are no other known ancient images similar to Sakwala Chakraya in the World at all, except of some masterpieces of prehistoric art. We will speak about it later. 

2. At later stages the historians have interpreted Sakwala Chakraya as descriptions of animal evolution, from the point of view of an ancient people. 

Assumption: it cannot be description of evolution, because of following facts:

2.1. There are inhabitants of a sea only represented on the outer circle of Sakwala Chakraya. There are no inhabitants of terrestrial ecosystem. No human kind. 

2.2. There are some unknown creatures are shown among sea inhabitants. One of them might be recognized as a mermaid.  Some of them could hardly be recognized at all. 

Image of ocean mermaid, unknown sea creature on Sakwala Chakraya

Conclusion: Sea creatures were placed on the image in purpose to show that it had destination concerned with the sea (ocean) scope. What kind of destination we will examine later. 

An interesting detail: In Hindu Mahabharata epic god Indra gives a powerful weapon to Arjuna, with task to destroy a race of Nivatakavachas – mighty creatures living deep under the oceans. Nivatakavachas are glorious and legendary beings extremely powerful in magic, in spite of their evil to human beings. Even the Devas under Indra command cannot overcome them. 
In the Ramayana, Nivatakavachas strike an alliance with Ravana, after Ravana is unable to defeat them.
Finally Nivatakavachas were defeated and destroyed by Arjuna. The Nivatakavachas magic mermaids sank into oblivion and become legends and myths…

3. This is a floor plan of Anuradhapura, or Sigiriya (a rock garden found close to Anuradhapura), or Sri Lanka. 

I would say that this is a very logical version. I would tell more, that it might be a floor plan of some part of the land surrounded by water – for example, Island of Sri Lanka, or even complex of something, scattered all around the Globe.

map of twelve areas on the Earth with abnormal electromagnetic aberrations

Thus, Ivan Sanderson mapped twelve areas on the Earth with abnormal electromagnetic aberrations shown by the map above, which reminds in some way shown on Sakwala Chakraya circles with cross inside. 

4. The most incredible version says that Sakwala Chakraya is a reference designation of real Star Gates (teleport), which was placed in Anuradhapura and used by extraterrestrials for visiting Earth. So, this carving may contain a secret key to space travelling via portal with using some kind of teleporting technology. 

Comment: it is very fantastic version and we cannot take it seriously into consideration, but I would not totally refuse it from the start until the opposite is not proved. Different versions might not always have a mutual exclusion…  
The discovery of the Sri Lanka Stargate marking had created waves amidst archeologists and pre-historic investigators, some drawing parallels between the Stargate charts found in Abu Ghurab in Egypt and "The gate way to the gods" in Peru. The bizarre coincidence of all the three marks been found in the vicinity of a water way, with sophisticated engineering methods, had given rise to various theories.

La Puerta de Hayu Marka, Gateway to Gods, Peru Star Gate
La Puerta de Hayu Marka or The Gateway to The Gods
in Peru close to Lake Titicaca. 

A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in September 1996 in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Placed in 35 kilometers from the city of Puno it has long been revered by local indians as the "City of the Gods", and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain.

Abu Ghurab Stargate, part of Abu Sir Pyramid complex, Egyptian star gate
Abu Ghurab Stargate is a part of the Abu Sir Pyramid complex.

About 20 minutes drive from the Great Pyramid, and visible from the Giza Plateau on clear day, is one of Egypt’s greatest treasures from antiquity, and one of the most extraordinary places on our planet.
Abu Ghurab, or "the crow’s nest" as it is called, is a closed to the public archaeological site in the pyramid fields that run alongside the Nile south of Cairo.
Egyptologists quaintly refer to it as a "sun temple", a "burial center" or "funerary complex" for a new cult of Ra (they usually use these terms when the actual function of a place is unclear).  You can read an interesting article about it here

The most favorite is the claim that these Stargates were used by extraterrestrials that were gold mining in Earth. Their theory is built up on the fact that in 2400 BC the Stargate in Abu Ghurab Egypt was surrounded by water while "La Puerta de Hayu Marka" Or "The Gateway to The Gods" in Peru too is built closer Lake Titicaca, with underground water tunnels and chambers beneath the pyramids, so does Sakwala Chakraya on the shore of Tissa Wewa water tank in Anuradhapura. 

The advocates of the "processing gold from the waters of Earth" theory believes that these water channels, chambers, reservoirs and filters found near each Stargate to have been a part of a sophisticated mechanism developed by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago.
If the theory is held to be true, Ranmasu Uyana had once been a "gold processing center of extraterrestrials", which arrived on earth through Stargates.
Yet archeologists are eager to discard these theories as pure imagination. 

Conclusion: So, until there are no proven evidences for Stargate theory, we will not take it into consideration. 

5. Some people believe that it's a secret message from aliens or gods. As for the described above Stargate theory I would not take it into consideration until we have proven evidences of this. In the same time, there is something to think about. 
Theory of Ancient Aliens, related to the location of Sakwala Chakraya (to be exact the ancient Anuradhapura city), has a place in modern scientific society. 

Thus, according to discovery made in 1996 by researcher and historian Mihindukulasuriya Susantha Fernando, there exists a perfect alignment of the three main stupas - Mirisavatiya, Ruvanweli (Ruwanwelisaya) and Jetavana (Jetavanaramaya) at Anuradhapura, with three stars in the constellation of Orion, namely Rigel, Alnitak and Bellatrix.

The Orion constellation with the labels of the major stars
The Orion constellation with the labels of the major stars 

That means that the three sides of the triangle in the ground layout of the three stupas, built between 161 B.C. and A.D. 331, are correlated precisely with the three sides of the triangle of three stars on the right-hand wing of the constellation of Orion. It is a kind of heaven-ground duplicity. 
Fernando's discovery was described in his 1997 book "Alien Mysteries in Sri Lanka and Egypt". 

It was also proven in book "Heaven's Mirror", researched and written by two British scholars, Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia , which was published in 1998 by the Penguin Group in London.  Here you can read a short brief of this on Official Website of the Sunday Times Newspaper in Sri Lanka

6. Here is my own version of what the Sakwala Chakraya actually is. As an engineer, I would rather say that Sakwala Chakraya is some kind of working drawing - most likely floor plan or (and) technical scheme of something with technical purpose without any doubts, because of standardized elements and graphic principles of its drawings. Here we can see some examples of this similarity:

Drawing of Phillips Exeter Academy Library in Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S.
Drawing of The Phillips Exeter Academy Library
in Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S. 

Floor plan of the North East corner of the Parthenon
Floor plan of the NE corner of the Parthenon 

In other words, it is more likely a floor plan or scheme (drawing) of some kind of device or hardware complex. Device or complex itself could be by the size of a town, or by the size of an Island. Why not? Also I'd say, that similarity of some elements of the complex tells us about the fact, that complex itself is composed of similar hardware parts.

After all I would say that different versions (theories) not necessarily have mutual exclusion to one another, they could be mutually complementary.

So, let's investigate my own version of this possible use, looking at this from the top of modern knowledge and technologies. Even if this not let us to solve a riddle, we would be able to move closer to it.

Technical analyze of Sakwala Chakraya. 

First of all I draw your attention to the strict similarities between symbols of Sakwala Chakraya, Great Pyramid and reference designation of radio components related to oscillatory processes and radio communication.

Here I consider necessary to make some digression and familiarize you with latest investigations in the field of ancient acoustic technologies related to infrasound use.

Recently in Russia and Ukraine started a quite new researching project, accomplishing by group of enthusiasts under the direction of radio engineer Vladimir Yashkardin - open research project SCIROCCO.

The goal of this project is description of real purpose of building pyramids by ancient civilizations and functioning of pyramids and thousands of different mysterious megalithic objects from the point of view of Wave Theory and theoretical foundations of Radio Engineering (TRE). 

By my opinion, it is the most logical, consecutive and comprehensive theory for the present time: Project SCIROCCO. Infrasound vibroacoustic broadcasting interface (on English). 
Short version of the article is here: What for the pyramids were built? How the pyramids work? Here is explained (in short) true purpose of the Egyptian and other pyramids.
I strongly recommend reading it very carefully in spite of some possible difficulties with understanding. 

In short, pyramids of Giza Plateau are very powerful vibroacoustic infrasound oscillators/transmitters. The main purpose of these structures is the information broadcast over land and water over long distances, may be around the whole Globe. Pyramid of Cheops could generate 7 different frequencies: 9.2-10.3-10.9-12.25-13.75-15.4-16.35 Hz (recall seven concentric circles on Sakwala Chakraya) and ensure transmission of audio and video information.

Diagram of Pyramid infrasound transmitter, physical scheme of vibroacoustic generator
Diagram of the Pyramid infrasound transmitter
(physical scheme of a vibroacoustic generator).
All elements of the generator, which work with acoustic energy, made of granite:
1. Resonator (tuning fork).
2. Active chamber of resonant amplifier.
3. Focusing corner reflector.
4. Feeder channel of the positive potential energy.
5. Feeder channel of the negative potential energy.
6. Granite plate (membrane) of the positive potential of wind energy.
7. Granite plate (membrane) of the negative potential of wind energy.
8. Signal tap (waveguide) from the amplifier output to the positive feedback loop.
9. The switch of the positive feedback.
10. Channel (waveguide) of positive feedback.
11. Wave channel (waveguide).
12. Resonant vibrator.
13. Matching devices.

Specifications of SCIROCCO Great Pyramid Transmitter:

- Weight of the transmitter: 6.25*109 kg
- Dimensions: 230х230х146 m
- Transmitter power created by the power of wind: 2 MW (at wind speed 10 m/s)
- Transmitter power created by the Coriolis force: 2 MW (at wind speed 10 m/s)
- Total power of the transmitter: 4 MW (Compare - for example, the power of Ostankino First Channel TV transmitter is 0.04 MW).
- Range of the transmission: global
- Carrier frequency: 12.25 HZ
- Modulating frequency: 12.25±33% HZ
- Wavelength: 28 m (in the air 343.1 m/s), 498 m (in marble 6100 m/s), 368 m (in concrete 4500 m/s), 314 m (in granite 3850 m/s), 294 m (in masonry 3600 m/s)
- Nominal frequency of the resonator: 196/98 Hz
- controlled tonal frequencies variant 1 (7 frequencies): 9.2-10.3-10.9-12.25-13.75-15.4-16.35 Hz
- controlled tonal frequencies variant 2 (13 frequencies): 9.2-9.75-10.3-10.6-10.9-11.525-12.25-13-13.75-14.575-15.4-15.875-16.35 Hz
- Energy source: wind flow (constantly blowing southern wind "Scirocco")

So, we will investigate main but difficultly explainable symbols of the Star Gates:

1. Meaning of two sets of seven concentric circles with dots (cups) in center.

Sakwala Chakraya Central element, seven concentric circles with dot in center
Central element of Sakwala Chakraya. 

It can hardly be a picture of our Solar System, because it has seven circles only. The Solar System comprises Sun and eight planets (there used to be more), asteroids and some protoplanets (dwarf planets).
With high possibility it can symbolize some kind of an oscillation process, radiation from antenna (acoustic radiation). 

Oscillation process on the water surface, drops falling in blue water
Oscillation process on the water surface due to falling drops. 

Symbol of electromagnetic oscillation process, radio masts with radio waves
Symbol of electromagnetic oscillation process –
radio masts with radio waves. 

So, ancient builders were familiarized with oscillation process very well, we will see more evidences of it later.

2. This symbol is very similar to axonometric drawing of one of Pyramids of Giza Plateau:

Symbol of pyramid on Sakwala Chakraya, axonometric drawing, with some underground tunnels
Symbol of pyramid on Sakwala Chakraya,
axonometric drawing, with some underground

axonometric diagram of the pyramid of Cheops, Great Pyramid 3D-model
Diagram of the pyramid of Cheops (Great Pyramid) 3D-model

3. Symbol of wave on Sakwala Chakraya is very similar to the comb above the main entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops). This is very important part of transmitter – switch of positive feedback, in short, switch of transmitter. 

Wavy symbol of comb on the Sakwala Chakraya Stargate
Wavy symbol of "comb" on the Sakwala Chakraya.

Wavy comb hewn in granite above main entrance to the Great Pyramid
Wavy comb hewn in granite above the main entrance
to the Great Pyramid.

The main entrance to the pyramid of Cheops Khufu
The main entrance to the pyramid of Cheops

Sanskrit inscription on comb above main entrance to pyramid of Khufu
Sanskrit inscription on the comb above the main entrance
to the pyramid of Khufu .

An interesting detail: there is an article in the Web: "Resonance in Paleo-Sanskrit Inscriptions on the Great Pyramid" which says that these characters in fact are the inscription written on Sanskrit. The phrase was deciphered by Prof. Kurt Schildmann (1915-2005) as vi Sani raua ra Yoni - its translation means literally: "From masculine force, thundering, granting feminine". The interpretation of this phrase is that the infrasound (thunder) converts one basic principle (energy) into another: "Yang" into the "Yin", for example, if we consider the matter in terms of human bioenergetics. The article says that the pyramids of Giza plateau purposefully focused infrasound vibrations of the Earth for the "…global infrasonic synchronization of the collective human consciousness, thereby endowing feminine forces". 

This is a quite interesting idea which confirms the theory of infrasound broadcasting. Moreover, a detailed study of the question might help us with understanding not only the simple fact of subsonic transmission, but also the role of infrasound in the connection on human biorhythms to biorhythms of Planet Earth. Scientists have already found that the Planet Earth "sings" with very low, infrasound frequency (to be exact there is a extremely low oscillations on infrasound frequencies in so-called Van Allen radiation belts, generated by the Earth's magnetic field, which are also the reason for reason for Aurora Borealis - "northern lights"). This "singing" is also connected with the activity of the Sun. You can read about it an article in National Geographic News: Earth's Magnetic Field Hisses Due to Distant "Chorus"

4. Umbrella symbols – from the very ancient Veda umbrella was considered as a symbol of supreme power in "God-King" conception; also umbrella was considered as abode of some "guardian angel", which helped to King and can interfere in the doings, providing protection for the interests of King's Dynasty.

umbrella on sakwala chakraya, symbol of supreme power in God-King conception

So, from the modern point of view, the sign of umbrella means:
  • from the one hand – symbol of supreme power; so two umbrellas means two Kings or most likely King and Queen. 
  • from the other hand – communicating device (remind modern parabolic satellite antennas) for receiving advices and help from some "gods".

5 and 6 – closed and opened circuits. 

In connection with this theory more signs of Sakwala Chakraya become understandable:

Closed circuit, Sakwala Chakraya stargate, working transmitter, tetracrepid star, antenna directional diagram

Closed circuit (from the right) – transmitter is working, a tetracrepid star symbolizes directional diagram of waves transmission (from the left). Pyramids have four sides strictly oriented to the cardinal points, so, working as an antenna, it radiates maximum power by these four directions.

Example of the directional diagram of modern radio antenna shows maximum radiation
Example of the directional diagram of modern radio antenna

Sakwala Chakraya open circuit, no transmition, directional diagram is broken

Open circuit (from the left) – there is no transmission, directional diagram is broken. 

7. Symbol of crossed circle most likely means domes – antenna resonators of domed infrasound receivers or just simply volumetric resonators of any kinds. For example, domed structures in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries – Stupas (Pagodas, or Dagabas).

Symbol, crossed circle means domes, antenna resonators of domed infrasound receivers
axonometric drawing of dome, hemisphere with cross by coordinate axes

What we have got in result:

Sakwala Chakraya with explanation of meaning of its symbols
Sakwala Chakraya with explanation of meaning of its symbols

1. Two oscillating processes, or two radiating sources;
2. Sign of pyramidal infrasound transmitter (may be natural mountain);
3. Sinusoid wave and "comb" with switch of positive feedback – switch of infrasound transmitter;
4. Symbol of communicating device with superiors (satellite dish) and symbol of kings power;
5. Disabled state of transmitter – open circuit, no transmission, antenna directional diagram is broken;
6. Enabled state of transmitter – close circuit, transmitter is working, a tetracrepid star symbolizes directional diagram of waves transmission from antenna;
7. Domed infrasound receivers.
8. Some unknown sea creatures, including for whom infrasound transmissions were assigned (possibly).

Thus, I assume that Sakwala Chakraya is a technical scheme which describes main principles of construction of infrasound broadcasting system.

Why it is possible?

This principle of communication is actively applied by marine animals (whales, killer whales etc.) to communicate at distances of about 1,300 km (frequency range 18...30 Hz).
The maximum distance recorded for the blue whale, was 1300 km (Miller, 1951; Scharf, 1970).

Similar systems have been developed in the 20th century for communication with moving underwater objects.
But, to achieve satisfactory results in the sound range failed.
Instead, have been developed with radio transmitters, electric range low frequency SLF (30-300Hz).
The effective size of antennas for these frequencies are thousands of miles in length (L=3*108/300=1*106 m = 1000 km).

These very similar communication systems are known for us today from public sources.  They are used for communication with fleet of nuclear armed submarines floating in the ocean at depths often below 300 meters. Here they are:
- "Zeus" System, Russia, 82 Hz
- "Seafarer" System, USA, 76 Hz.
It is likely that Russia and the United States could build a transmitter in the range of ELF (3-30Hz), but this information is very confidential. Cost and size of such transmitters is extremely huge.
RF signals of these frequencies can easily penetrate into the water and ice, which makes them indispensable for communication with underwater objects anywhere in the world and at any depth of the ocean. 

Now imagine how magnificent this ancient SCIROCCO broadcast infrasound system was:
  1. System was able to ensure the information broadcast over land and water over long distances, at any point of the globe, all around the world, under the ground and under the water at any possible depth.
  2. In essence, this is an analogue of "Zeus" (Russia) and "Seafarer" (USA) Systems, but with much better performance.
  3. It is impossible to suppress such a transmission without destruction of transmitter, so the whole system has unbelievable reliability. Electronic warfare (EW) in this case makes no sense
  4. So, you can give your orders to your battleships and other crafts with 100% reliability at any time, at any place – on the ground, or under the water and all around the globe. It is an excellent communicating system for military and non-military purpose. 
From the other hand, it one more time proves very important thing – such complexes were built by one great civilization (or Empire) scattered on the different Continents. And Island of Sri Lanka played very important role in this forgotten civilization. Was it Kingdom of King Ravana? Who knows…  

There are two sets of concentric circles (infrasound emission sources) are depicted on the Sakwala Chakraya. It means that in those times was known and used more than one transmitter, at least two. We can presume that it were Giza Pyramids and Sigiriya with Pidurangala, or sacred Mount Kailash - which is the biggest pyramidal structure on the Earth, and it seems that it still works… Not without reason it was described as a residence of Lord Siva in Hinduism and the home of the Buddha Demchok in Tantric Buddhism. 

Two times difference in diameters of concentric circles sets might mean that these two transmitters were working on two different frequencies (wavelengths), to prevent jamming of each other. 

Now, when we have carefully examined transmitter's version, it's time to draw our attention to receivers. I would say that there is hell of a lot of them all around the world, on each Continent and in every corner of the Earth. 

Classification of known infrasound receivers:

1. Data infrasound receivers:

1.1. Domed volumetric tuning-fork infrasound receivers, which could be made of bricks (stone blocks) or be carved in the rock (stone). If the antennas are made of blocks of stone, there was no need to build it on rock monolith. Such a receiver could be constructed on any ground.

1.1.1. Stupas. In this case dome itself is working as antenna. 

The massive dome of Jetavanarama Dagaba, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
The massive dome of Jetavanarama Dagaba
(Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka).

It may have originally stood over 100 m high, but today is about 70 m. This was a similar height to the Abhayagiri, with which it is sometimes confused.
When it was built it was the third-tallest monument in the world, the first two were Egyptian pyramids.
A British guidebook from the early 1900s calculated that there were enough bricks in the dagoba's brick core to make a 3m-high wall stretching from London to Edinburgh.

Ruwanwelisaya stupa,  Mahathupa, Swarnamali Chaitya, Suvarnamali Mahaceti, Rathnamali Dagaba, Sri Lanka
The Ruwanwelisaya stupa (Sri Lanka), also known as
Mahathupa, Swarnamali Chaitya, Suvarnamali Mahaceti
and Rathnamali Dagaba. 

An interesting reference: According to epic, King Dutugemunu obtained permission to build this stupa from goddess called Rathnamali. The Mahawamsa chronicle says that King Dutugemunu discussed question about its constructing with gods on some stone chairs… where it could be - in Sigiriya or Anuradhapura?!? It was the last documented contact of Man King with gods

Assumption: it seems that original purpose of stupas wasn’t religious. They obtained it later. Built with a lot of efforts, extremely high expenses, austere styled, without much ornamentation, they were used only for very specific technical purpose – receiving data.

1.1.2. Underground domed structures.

Treasury of Atreus, Tomb of Agamemnon located on Panagitsa Hill, Mycenae, Greece
The Treasury of Atreus or Tomb of Agamemnon
The Treasury of Atreus or Tomb of Agamemnon located on the Panagitsa Hill at Mycenae, Greece. Coordinates: 37°43'36.61"N 22°45'12.17"E.

Aerial view on undeground dome, Treasury of Atreus, Tomb of Agamemnon
Aerial view on the dome

Inside the underground dome, Treasury of Atreus or Tomb of Agamemnon
Inside the dome.

scheme of typical underground domed volumetric tuning-fork  infrasound receiver
The scheme of typical underground domed volumetric tuning-fork
 infrasound receiver
La - wavelength in the air;
Lg - wavelength in the ground;
N - integer.

King Mount Tomb, underground dome, Subsonic receiver in Kerch, Ukraine
Subsonic receiver (working frequency is 12.25 Hz) placed in
Kerch, Ukraine. Coordinates:  45°22'26.57"N 36°31'34.38"E

1.1.3. Cavity resonator with monolithic rock antennas (tumulus, dolmens, mastabas). The antenna of receiver is commonly used natural rock monolith, located in a certain direction to the infrasound transmitter. This cavity resonator has to be built on monolith; it receives data from the vibration of the monolith. 

Rocky volumetric tuning-fork receiver in Greece:

Archaeologcal site, Mine tombs of Mycenaean period, Mazarakata, Kefalonia, Greece
Kefalonia, Greece. Coordinates: 38° 7' 48.12"N, 20° 32' 40.04"E
Archaeologcal site: Mine tombs of Mycenaean period -

1.2. Volumetric rocky infrasound data receivers.

These receivers do not have underground domes (antennas). Usually they were built in the area where infrasound waves were concentrated on natural heterogeneity of the environment: the geological faults, rivers, mountains, mountain ranges, and were aimed at a certain angle (20-60°) to infrasound source.

1.2.1. It is believed that in Italy tumulus dome receivers were built on natural rock monoliths by Etruscans.

Italy tumulus dome receivers were built on natural rock monoliths by Etruscans

A tumulus dome in Ireland, built by Celts 6000 years ago
A dome in Ireland, this one is supposed to be
built by Celts 6000 years ago. 

dome receivers on monolithic base, ancient Etruscan town near Cherveteri, Italy
The domed receivers on monolithic base at the ancient
Etruscan town near Cherveteri, Italy.
Coordinates: 42° 0'19.17"N 12° 6'10.87"E.

1.2.2. Dolmens are relatively small volumetric secondary resonators. They usually established on mountain ridges, as well as near major rivers, and in other places of natural concentration of infrasound waves.

Photo of typical dolmen volumetric rock infrasound receiver, what for, purpose
Photo of typical dolmen

Map of dolmens locations in the World, areas of their accumulation highlighted
Map of dolmens locations in the World
(areas of their accumulation are highlighted)

1.2.3. Mastabas are stone trapezoid receivers, which focusing infrasound waves at some depth under its base, and were the most common transmitters of an ancient Egypt.

Mastaba stone trapezoid receiver is focusing infrasound waves under its base

Vibrating from infrasound, body of mastaba sends the sound waves down (due to its trapezoid shape), focusing the sound stream deeply under its base. Unlike the spherical domes (where the focus was on the floor level), focus of mastaba trapezoid lens is under the ground. Therefore, the secondary resonator (which the official science perceives as stone tombs) was immersed in a curved shaft, so that the mine doesnt came under the focus of a infrasound beam. Placed in the focus of mastaba, secondary resonator converts infrasound in a sound wave, which comes by the air shaft to intensifying air chambers. Here you can listen to the sound, received from the pyramid, perfectly.

1.3. Tuning fork infrasound data receivers.

1.3.1. Seidhsor Stones of Power are large stones installed on small stone supports on the solid rock base. To create a Seidh you shall select a large stone with the resonance of multiple frequency and install it on a rock correctly to the direction of the source of the incoming infrasound signal.

Typical Seidh Power Stone. Biggest seidh complex  placed in Karelia, Russia
Typical Seidh, or Power Stone. The biggest seidh complexes
are placed in Karelia, Russia. 

Seidh installed on stone legs in granite Sigiriya Lions Rock, Sri Lanka
Seidh by more than 2000 tons weight, installed on stone legs
which inserted in slits deeply cut in granite slope
of Sigiriya Lions Rock, Sri Lanka. 

1.3.2. Menhirs is alone standing stones installed in the natural areas of maximum concentration of infrasound signal with the resonance of multiple frequency of incoming infrasound signal. Sometimes, even fields of menhirs were installed near the major receivers along with dolmens. The Carnac Stones (France) and Stone Circle are typical examples of such complexes. There is also the Stone Ship kinds.

menhirs is alone standing stones installed in areas of maximum infrasound signal

The Carnac stones are acollection of megalithic sites around village of Carnac
The Carnac stones are an exceptionally dense collection of
megalithic sites around the French village of Carnac.
1.3.3. Cromlech is a set of stones, each of which had a particular resonance with exact modulation frequency of the pyramid complex transmitter. The menhirs were mounted in a ring in the center of which was point of superposition for all transmitted frequencies.

acoustic waves radiating from vibrating stone cut on stones of carnac
There are images of acoustic waves radiating from vibrating 
in resonance stone cut on the Stones of Carnac

Stonehenge is best known examples of cromlech megalitic structures in the world
Stonehenge (Wiltshire, UK) is one of the best known examples
of cromlech in the World

I would say that most of megalithic structures in the world refer to receivers of infrasound signal.

2. Signaling infrasound receivers

Chinese signaling infrasound receiver, ancient seismograph, cup with dragons, frogs opened mouth

Modern scholars believe these receivers are ancient seismographs, with the help of which the ancient people predicted earthquakes. This is pretty pointless, because to predict an earthquake by seismograph is impossible.

large infrasound signal receiver, ancient bronze vessel with dragons and frogs
Photo of the large infrasound
signal receiver

scheme, ancient pendulum infrasound signal receiver mechanism, dragons and frogs vessel
Pendulum infrasound signal
receiver mechanism.

At arrival of infrasonic waves tuned on resonance frequency pendulum becomes oscillate, in its turn setting in motion the ratchet closing device of balls feeding. 

Date of origin and pre-history similarities.

So, taking into account all listed above, there is a good reason to believe that Sakwala Chakraya is a key and some kind of technical scheme which describes a principle of global infrasound broadcasting system (pre-historic global signal system) construction and work, its core elements and main purpose. The question of date of its origin is still open. 
If we look carefully to some coincidences all around the World (which may give reference to wave theory and imagery of oscillating process), we will see that there are a lot of them in Megalithic culture, to be exact in form of prehistoric art called Cup and ring marks or Cup marks

Cup-and-rings marks, radiation of waves from antenna, located in Northumberland

Cup-and-rings marks similar to radiation of waves from antenna. These are located in Northumberland, at 55.54754N 1.99632W

petroglyph at Laxe das Rodas, Stone of Wheels, Louro, Galicia, Spain
Petroglyph at the "Laxe das Rodas" (Stone of the Wheels),
Louro, Galicia, Spain.

Petróglifo de Portaxes at Monte Tetón, Tomiño, largest, Galicia, Spain
Cup-and-ring mark "Petróglifo de Portaxes" at Monte Tetón,
Tomiño, the largest one in Galicia, Spain.

Such marks are found mainly in Atlantic Europe (Northern England, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Portugal and Galicia (North West Spain)) and Mediterranean Europe (North West Italy, Thessalia Central Greece, Switzerland). Although similar forms are also found throughout the world including Mexico, Brazil, Greece, and India.
Usually scientists refers its dating to Early Neolithic, about 10,000 to 8,500 BC (it's about 12,000 – 10,500 years ago). 
It has something in common with mythical Great Flood, which really took place about 12,000 years ago, when mean temperature on the Earth rose sharply on 8 degrees.

It would be logical to assume that the Great Flood destroyed the advanced ancient civilization, on the wreckage of which our modern revived, retaining the shards of old knowledge in the form of complicated and conflicting myths, legends and religions.

Modern archaeological finds, such as Nevali Cori and Göbekli Tepe (complex of "Stonehenges" of 50-ton stones which supposed being built more than 12000 years ago by gatherers?!?!), are changing the opinion about the level of Neolithic human civilization technologies in revolutionizing way and forced even the most conservative adherents of the generally used science to take a fresh look at the historical dating. 


1. Sakwala Chakraya with great probability may be a key and some kind of technical scheme which describes a principle of global infrasound broadcasting system (pre-historic global signal system) construction and work, its core elements and main purpose. It can also be assumed, that infrasound broadcasting was intended for some sea inhabitants too. The question is – is there some of them now?

2. Sakwala Chakraya, along with other mystery artifacts of Sri Lanka, shows strong connection with other hardly explained artifacts all around the world, which let us assume that we have deal with remnants of one great civilization, scattered all around the World – on every Continent. 

3. Ancient knowledge of wave theory, theoretical foundations of Radio Engineering and their technologies were so excellent that let them build such great infrasound transmitters as Giza Pyramids. We can't do it today, with our modern technologies. It one more time proves the fact that this pre-civilization was more advanced than ours. 

4. Sri Lanka played important role in this great pre-civilization, about which we can judge by Sakwala Chakraya itself and lots of high-tech granite stone artifacts with evidences of machining. 

5. This great pre-historic civilization possibly could be destroyed by the Great Flood about 12,000 years ago. So, artifacts such Sakwala Chakraya and Giza Pyramids should be some older. 

6. Remnants of destroyed civilization were trying to preserve their knowledge, which was reflected in megalithic and prehistoric arts, many myths, religions and philosophy doctrines. Some of them could be successful in this, so they could use some technologies of old during long time. Such knowledge means power, so we may assume some wars took place for possession of this knowledge and technologies.

7. We shall not forget about "gods" which (according to myths and epics) were playing their own role in creation of many mysterious sites and objects, and could be aliens as well as remnants of fallen advanced civilization.

8. Described above Infrasound broadcasting system was not necessarily used for data transmission only, it could also be used for transmission of the energy (necessary for the operation of any device), as well as other purposes (e.g., to make an impact on the human body), which we will have to figure out in future.


  1. Hey Vladimir, It's really nice to see the post. Certainly I couldn't read yet but hope it'll be a marvelous one with the experience of previous posts. will you give a feedback.

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    2. Hello, I read your work here some really thoughtful and insightful information. My comment is this: Sakwala Chakraya is a schedule for the stargate that it is near.
      #1. These are not the same thing. The middle one indicates that this is a stargate. This is what it looks like when you step into it.#7 is what it looks like if you are in it and you look behind yourself, these are used to indicate departure the double lines separate the days the single line in the middle is used to indicate the suns alignment with the center of this stargate that would separate morning and afternoon travel times. The first two departures are on a Thursday, Friday morning you have a guide available for first timers as indicated by the umbrella with two departure times. The Pyramid symbol is for maintenance crews to move equipment through the stargate at this time. The late morning or afternoon flight on Friday is for Adults only as you can see the symbol in #3 is a reclining adult, so no children on this trip. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday flights are doubled. Tuesday is normal and there is no Wednesday service.

    3. What this honestly reminds me of is the inner working of a watch with sun moon date etc.

  2. Nice post Vladimir.I am much interested about Ravana age in Sri Lanka.Number of evidences in Sri Lanka that he used flying machines,nuclear technology,medicine,weapons before 5000years from today.

  3. Dear Vladimir,

    There are some parts in your article, which are not true. The ranmasu uyana means an eco friendly garden with an immeasurable value. In ran masu uyana and in sigiriya you see lot of pools that ancient royals used to bath. These are swimming pools. They had mechanisms to clean the water and dispose when needed.

    Let me give you an idea as Sri Lankans what we know this is. This is a star gate. There is an ancient written document called “wesamuni daraneewatha”. In that it is written that pulathisi,vishrawasa aka king wesamuni (vishrawasa means the one who made the universe his roof) used to meditate in this place. The symbols have no reference to Buddhism, as this is much older than Current Buddhism. Kings, who were astronomical scientists, used this place. Some of the symbols show milky ways and symbols in the borders shows star patterns. This star gate was a mirror of the galaxy. The ancient kings like pulathisi,wesamuni and ravana used this with their parapsychological abilities. Black holes are also shown in this star gate clearly. This star gate and this garden was a creation of king wesamuni.

    When Sri Lanka became a Buddhist country, ancient kings used to donate gardens and such places to sangha (Buddhist monks). So this was also later given to the monks to conduct their meditations and for them to live.

    You can get more information from Sri Ravana research Center in Sri Lanka.

    1. Dear +Umanga Basnayake, thanks for the interesting comment.
      But I prefer to believe in true facts instead of beautiful tales and draw conclusions which stay not more than one logical step from true – facts and proven evidences.
      This picture (Sakwala Chakraya) is too primitive thing to be a scheme of the Galaxy, which itself is in billion times much more complicated… Including black holes, number of which is much bigger than two… and so on…
      Anyway, I would be very thankful to you if you provide me with some proven evidences of another meaning of the Sakwala Chakraya.

    2. This is my heritage that your talking about. We do know more about them than outsiders.I cannot provide you in detail evidences but I've given to you the references which you can get more information. If you look into this thinking that the ancients who lived more than 5000 years ago were primitive cave men that thinking itself will be primitive.They hold more than what you and I could possibly understand with our current level. King Ravana had even airplanes. These are not tales my friend. There are still ancient writings in my country which was written more than 5000 years a ago on these. This star gate is just the tip of the ice burg. There is a cult who tries to burry our history. Alterations are so many which will give you misinformation as some you have gathered. Historians like "Neil kiriella, Prof Soorya Gunasekara" and the Ravana research centre has done recent research on this. I'm sure you'll find facts and proven evidences if you follow them. I wish you good luck.

    3. There is no confirmed archaeological or recognized historical evidence to support the Rawana myth. However, there is a plethora of 'evidence' of a pseudo-historical nature.

    4. Dear Vladimir KovalSky ...
      I really appreciate what you did but the fact is you are wrong, I will get back to you after I finished my article, first go to Srilanka and see things yourself then decide what is correct or wrong, H C P Bell is not an archaeological commissioner he is a treasure hunter, they are responsible for everything he robbed 13000 puskola poth (Ola’ Leaf Books) from Srilanka not only that he destroyed our history and re made it as they want it to be , we have 28000 ancient history, I know now you will ask for the evidence,let me tell you something Srilankan’s still looking for the evidence they will find those soon like Troy city, ( Atlantis still a mistry but oneday someone will find that )

    5. hi umayanga,
      Can you please tell me from where can I contact Sri Ravana research Center in sri lanaka?


  4. Dear Umanga Basnayake, It is very ugly to say " This is my heritage that your talking about. We do know more about them than outsiders." Because these things are open to study for every human in the purpose of advancing the mankind. If you claim that you know more, then you could have use that knowledge to advance the current society.

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    2. ඔහු නිවැරදිය සුද්දා අපට කියාදුන් අපේ අතීතය කරපින්නාගත් අප මංපහරන්නෙකු සොරෙකුගෙන් ( විජය )අප පැවත එනවා කියනු ලබන ආර්‍ය නියාය අනුගමනය කරන්නෝය, එය අපට අගනේය, නමුදු මහා සම්මත මනු රජ පරපුරෙන් අප පැවත එනවා යැයි කීවහොත් අපට යකා නගිනු ඇත ඒ සුද්දා එය අපට කියා නොතිබුනු බැවිනි.පිටරටුන් වාර්තාමය වැඩසටහන් වලදී ඉන්දියාව ගැන කථා කරනු ලබයි නමුත් මෙතරම් දෑ ඇති අප ගැන කතා නොකරයි,අපට ආම්පන්න නැත තාක්ෂණය නැත ඒ සුද්දා සියල්ල රැගෙන නැව් නැඟි නිසාය, අනුරාධපුරය අවුරුදු 90000 ක ඉතිහාසයකට උරුමකම් කියනා බව පැවසුව හොත් සියල්ලෝම මට ඔල්මොරොන්දම් කාරයකු බව පවසනු ඇත ,නමුදු මේ කල්පයේ වැඩසිටි සියලු බුදුවරුන් අනුරාධපුරයට වැඩ ඇත, මේ ගැන සුද්දාගෙන් අසා ඉගනගත් පුද්ගලයන්ගෙන් අසා ඵලක් නැත , ඒවා සොයාසපයා බලනා මෙන් නුඹගෙන් කාරුණිකව ඉල්ලා සිටිමි,ආතර් සී ක්ලාර්ක් ලංකාවේ පුරවැසිභාවය ලබාගත්තේ ඇයි? ඔහු ලංකාවට පැමිණියේ ඇයි, ආපසුව ඔහුට චන්ද්‍රිකා ගැන සිතක් පහල වූවේ කෙසේද? ඒවා සොයා බැලීම අපහට භාරය, සුද්දා ඒවා සොයාදෙන්නේ නැත, රන්මුතු දූව චිත්‍රපටය සෑදීමේදී මතුවූ ගිලීගිය නගරය ගැන දන්නේ කීයෙන් කීදෙනාද? මෙය මෙලෙස නිමා කරන්නේ තර්ක කල ඵලක් නොමැති නිසාවෙනි. මව්බසින් ලියූවේ සුද්දන් ඉදිරියේ අපේකම අප පාගා නොදැමිය යුතු නිසාවෙනි.

    3. බොහොම ස්තුතියි ඔබට නොදන්නා අයට කාරුණිකව සත්‍ය කියාදීම ගැන . අපවිසින් තවතවත් දෙනුවත්වීම හා දෙනුවත් කිරීම අවශ්‍යය. අප එකට එක්විය යුතු යුගයකි මෙය

  5. Dear Vladimir,

    Thank you very much for informative article about "Sakwala Chakraya" . Don't take Umanga Basnayake seriously, he is just a young prick!
    There are some Sri Lankans who think that once we were the all knowing masters of the universe.

    1. මම ඔබතුමා හඳුනන්නේ නැත, ඉහත නුඹ විසින් ගරහනු ලැබූ පුද්ගලයා හඳුනන්නේද නැත,නමුදු මෙය මෙසේ පැවසිය යුත්තේ අපේ කම කියාදෙන්නට අප ගැන යම් පමණක හෝ දැනුමක් තිබෙනා එතුමන්ගේ කරුණු විමසා බැලීමකින් තොරව නුඹ විසින් ගොඩනගන්නාවූ දෙයයි, තර්ක විතර්ක කර ඵලක් නැත නමුදු නුඹ දැනගතයුතු සත්‍යක් තිබේ, රන් මසු උයන යන නම පැවත් ඇත්තේ ඉහත කතුවරයා සලකන ලෙස නොවන බව පොඩි දරුවකු වුවද දන්නා කාරණයකි, රන් මසු යන්නෙන් අදහස් වන්නේ ඉතා වටිනා මිස මාළුන් නොවේ, තවද එම උයන සංඝයා වහන්සේලා වෙනුවෙන් උදිකරන ලද්දක් නොවේ, ඉසුරුමුණිය පෙම්‍ යුවල කැටයම රන්මසු උයනින් ගලවාගෙන ආවකි, පෙම් යුවල් විහාරයන්හී නුඹ දැක තිබේද? තිබේ නම් ඒ සාන්චි ස්තූපයේ පමණි, ඒ එය බුදු දහමට සම්බන්ධ නොවන නිසාය, දැන් මෙය අසා මට පිළිතුරු දීමට උත්සාහ නොකර සාන්චි ස්තූපයේ සිතුවම් සොයාබලන ලෙස මතක් කර සිටිමි, මෙය සක්වල චක්‍රයක් විය හැකිය නොවිය හැකිය ,නමුදු මෙය බුදුදහම සමග සම්බන්ධ කිරීම නිරර්ත ක්‍රියාවකි, මක්නිසාද යත් මෙය රන්මසු උයනේ ඇති ප්‍රාථමික යුගයේ ගල් කැටයමක් වන නිසාය, නුඹ රන්මසු උයන නරඹා ඇතැයි සිතමි ( මා එහි සය දිනක් ගතකර ඇත ) සරල ලෙසම එහි යුග තුනකට අයත් පුරාවස්තු දැකිය හැකිය, පළමු යුගය නම් ජ්‍යාමිතිකව ගලෙහි හැඩය වෙනස් නොකලා වූ කැටයම්ය, ඒවා නම් දියකෙලින ඇත්‍ රූප , සක්වල චක්‍රය හා සියුම්ව කපා ඇති ජලය බැස යන කානුය ,දෙවන වර්ගය නම් ගල් ජ්‍යාමිතිකව කපා කරනු ලැබූ ඒවාය පොකුණු මේ ගනයට වැටෙන අතර වැඩි විස්තර අවැසිනම් මා හට පවසන ලෙසද ඉල්ලා සිටිනු කැමැත්තෙමි, සුද්දා ලියා දුන් ඉතිහාසයට ලඝු නොවී අපේම ඉතිහාසය අප ලියා නොගන්නාතාක් අපි අපේ වූවන්ව විවේචනය කරනු ඇත අප හැමදා කරනු ලැබුවේද එයමය, නුඹහට යමක් වැටහුනේ නම් එය අගනේය. අන්‍යන් ඉදිරියේ නුඹහට ගරහනු නොකැමැති නිසා මෙලෙස අප මව්බස භාවිතා කරනු ලැබූවෙමි.

    2. බොහොම ස්තුතියි ඔබට නොදන්නා අයට කාරුණිකව සත්‍ය කියාදීම ගැන . අපවිසින් තවතවත් දෙනුවත්වීම හා දෙනුවත් කිරීම අවශ්‍යය. අප එකට එක්විය යුතු යුගයකි මෙය

  6. stevan strong ancient egyptians in australia symbols look different

  7. is it possible your sanskrit vi Sani raua ra Yoni

    is simply

    u t ks io
    which is
    i am utu

    as in utu the sun god

    1. Interesting… Do you mean an Akkadian rendition of Sumerian UD "Sun"? Like a Sun - Ravi - Ravana? Coincidences?

  8. Hi Vladimir... thanks for the very interesting article. I am still trying to put everything in to perspective. While doing through the article, I had this crazy idea on the 2 creatures that are not identified yet. Could they be a sea horse with two limbs (hands) and the other and extinct creature similar to Nessie of the Loch Ness?

    1. Hi Roshi! Good observation. Actually it could be anything…

    2. Hi Vladimir thank you for all your studies. My sinhala is not that good but the name "Ranmasu". Ran is gold. However,"Masu" could be used as an abbreviated meaning for man. In other words Ranmasu could mean Gold Man. Uyana is garden. So it is a Goldman Garden. A gold man? I am sure a person better at Sinhala may contribute their opinion

    3. Hi Vladimir thank you for all your studies. My sinhala is not that good but the name "Ranmasu". Ran is gold. However,"Masu" could be used as an abbreviated meaning for man. In other words Ranmasu could mean Gold Man. Uyana is garden. So it is a Goldman Garden. A gold man? I am sure a person better at Sinhala may contribute their opinion

    4. it may be another way of saying gold mine. Many people believe that's the main reason these ancient people came here. Gold mining.

    5. The word "MASU" stands for "masuran" which means money or something very valueble. either it can be jewellery, money or anything which reffers to a valuable thing.

      The word "Ran" stands for gold. so the both combination of "Ran-masu" gives a meaning to something very valuable made out of gold.

      according to my perception, in this place there had being something very valuable which might have made out of gold.

  9. Dear Vladimir,
    Very interesting post. The more I look at the "Sakwala Chakra" the more I feel it is a map of the our galaxy or at least part of it. The outer rim with the sea creatures depicts the ocean of milk (a description for our Milkyway galaxy) - since it is understood as a an "ocean" of some sort the sea creatures are placed on the outer rim to convey this idea. The concentric circles in the middle is the galactic center (no doubt a massive portal to other locations in the universe). This is what the ancient Hindus described as Mount Meru. In the Mount Meru image you have provided here, Mount Meru is shown with 7 tiers if you count the 2 lotus chakras as well (these need to be perhaps understood as different dimensions, after all the universe is multidimensional). The Sakwala chakra also shows 7 concentric circles depicting the galactic center. The other set of smaller concentric circles (on the upper left hand corner) show the portal that exists in the sun in our solar system (our sun is a portal and extra terrestrials have been using this portal for eons to enter our solar system). Here the 7 concentric circles do not depict planetary orbits, they represent different dimensions of the portal just like they do on the galactic center portal. The circles with crosses are depictions of other portals / wormholes which are inter connected and perhaps may have been used for travelling to different locations within our galaxy. I feel this map is a depiction of how extra terrestrial beings travelled through the galactic center portal and reached the portal in our sun. The pyramidal shape and the umbrella shapes could be various technical specifications, which are now lost to us. The vertical lines could be something similar to how we use longitudinal lines to map geographic coordinates - it is possible these beings had our galaxy mapped out in a similar manner. So who drew the Sakwala chakra? Possibly human beings who received knowledge and guidance from an advanced extra terrestrial race, who were there mining for gold. Because although the word "Ran Masu" can be translated as "golden fish" there is another translation - it could also mean "golden riches" obviously they were referring to the precious metal "gold".


  10. This is what I mean when I say our sun is a portal. Check out the footage from the SOHO probe.

  11. mmm. Sakwala Chakra... why did ancient karawa flag is created with signs taken from sakwala Chakra. .. 2 pearl umbrella's, Two oscillating processes Or Sun and Moon,,, Fish, Conch,

  12. What about --The Eight Auspicious Symbols
    of buddhist-The lotus flower, Conch ,The Knot - The 'endless knot' , The Dharma-Wheel (Dharmachakra)The fish

  13. Dear Vladimir,
    Congratulations. You have presented a factual opinion. It may not be 100% accurate. But you have tried to justify by placing scientific facts. This is food for thought. If one is to contradict, he shoul bring up his opinion based on scientific facts. Hope you will take all these comment in a calm mood. We need more and more people like you who can argue on a topic with scientific evidence. Thanks a lot. Keep it up.

  14. Vladimir : Thank you for your explanation in scientific manner.
    Umanga Basnayake has said and explained the what we know from our ancestors. Our history has buried by invaders (Portuguese, Dutch, English) and stolen all our ancient history books and Manthra books and rewritten history as they wanted.

    Sri Lanka history we know has written after Buddhism but nothing much we know before Buddhism. Very recently few of our archaeologists have found huge amount of evidence supporting our ancestors stories coming from generation to generation. So far those evidence and stories has neglected as it is not supporting the stories of Mahavansha and Deepawansha books. Now and then they are rewriting Sri Lanka's history and it appeared to be much older civilization with huge potentials than we learnt.

    One of a power full king who ruled SL is Rawana. He used sun's energy to ride his DANDUMONARA ( Ancient Air craft).There were two engines in it engines call "Soorrya gala".(Sun stone in English meaning) . He built an air port in Wariyapola area in Sri Lanka) and one in south near Rumassala area. Some of the stories telling he has traveled to West in the world and often to India.

    Science is still not mature enough to understand many concepts of ancient world... for example the power of meditation and power of worlds ( call "manthra"). Similar to western witches. Meditation can reveal many capabilities. Some of them can talk to souls in different dimension of world. For example they can talk to recently died someone's relatives. (Any westerns can laugh on this as such capable people has been categorized as mentally ill hallucinated patients in modern medical descriptions)

    We use ancient technique to communicate with old our ancestors to reveal our buried history and re-write our history. Rawana research center is doing similar exercise along scientific prof. We use different method than western world. Normally western world find evidences first then try to build the story. But we first find the story then find the evidences with the direct guides of those ancestors.

    What we know currently is this place is an gateway to different dimension of universe and monks use this chakra to gain the universe power to speed up their meditation stages and test their mind abilities by travelling different dimension of universe . (One reason is to meditate in front of this gate is for that. Some says actual chakra has destroyed and this is just a blue print of it). It is not similar to today star gate in scientific movies which will support physical transportation device, but it was used to send souls.

    These all information is still unofficial and still under research of those great archaeologist.(They cant officially declare as it is not possible to prove in science hence stay as mystery)

  15. great.
    you found sun kema civilization.

  16. Dear vladimir,
    Thanks to you very much to interesting about "Sakwala Chakra.."and study it (however) and elucidation it your most knowledgeable way even it is not 100% accurate.But I am not sure (through your article) why ,where and how these vibro acoustic infra sound generate and why it is transmitted and how we use those .
    but please note that before the Buddhism Sri lanken exist. I think they are the people who can understand the science of Buddhism in that era so Srilanka is become 100% Buddhist country.
    The construction technology of Sri lanken is most incredible .Still the modern science technology is not mature enough to explain the construction methods and its structural analysis (what we learn about standing along structure in simple).I am pretty sure this circle (sakwala chakraya) is not relevant to mean of Buddhist concept.but it may be discuss about our galaxy or (magnetic filed ,as you vibro acoustic infra sound , some electrical or any other )energy transmission or load balancing points.I am really wish to say to you and all others, who are interesting those things please follow all ways,that mean modern science and ancient science ( mantra and other special technique).because looking at one side or one way it is not become real is a sign and it stand for a tell something very important but not only one energy or one simple request.

    Thanks again to you it is really interesting and your point of view is more scientific.but to me,through my experience as an civil engineer I can say modern science cant explain every things.

  17. i tning this is not stargate ................its some thing city its map ...........maby lost city ..?

  18. This website has posted my webpage posted in 1997 on the web
    and as a PDF without any acknowledgement of source.

    Adding to it on this webpage a load of absolute imaginative diarrhea..

    If the Seven ring at center represents the Seven objects that ancient Man observed as if going around Earth
    (Sun Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. Venus, and Saturn) by which the seven days week are named then the second seven ring system represents an ancient eastern concept that the Earth is not the only world system. .

    Dr Kavan Ratnatunga/Astrophysicist

    1. Dear Kavan Ratnatunga,

      Thank you for your comment. The link (to the source added to this webpage below the image of Sakwala Chakraya.

      Taking into consideration a fact that there is no authentic evidence at all which could explain meaning of Sakwala Chakraya, an assumption that this is a sectional drawing of the Death Star from the Star Wars movie has the same right as your explanation of circles as 7 planets/days.

      I am not a scientist who is afraid for his reputation. Therefore, I can use my imagination, as I wish, being do not afraid of disapproval and criticism from the scientist and other people who is not agree with my thoughts.

      Even if all explanations of its meaning are wrong, it does not matter because the most important thing for intelligent people is the ability to ask questions and do not take for granted something that has no clear evidence.

      I hope that some of my readers has started to ask questions after reading of my article and this is all I want and knowing of it is the best reward for me.

    2. Dear Vladimir,

      Sri Lankan scientists are an odd bunch. They get really annoyed if you don't address them as Doctor or Professor or Sir. So please address them appropriately.:P

  19. there are two important resource persons in sri lanka. they have wider knowledge and understanding related to these. Mr. Gayan Sandakelum and Dr. Anoj silva. you can obtain their details from ITN (independent television network of sri lanka) wenasa tv programe.

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  22. Dear Vladimir, thank you for providing many information to think about in your great and detailed article.
    Let's say your theories are right. Let me ask you: why this "Giant broadcast system scheme" is milled on edge of some random rough stone somewhere inside nature, and not at center of flat wall protected by walls of some ancient building ? It is something like writing an Elixir of life formula on a piece of toilet paper. Did you ever think about it? Why someone with this great knowledge was not so smart to preserve his work for the future? Share your solution with us and please keep going your great work!

    1. I have an explanation that fits. I'm not an archaeologist or scientist by the way, just an interested observer. Just tonight while reading this article some part made me think of Gobekli Tepe and how it was intentionally buried. That does seem like an odd thing to do. Unless you have advanced warning of a flood of unimaginable proportions. Burying it might be the only way it exists today. The flood just washed over it. That same flood would answer your question.
      Imagine we are given 2 weeks, a month to prep for a civilization-ending flood. What could we do to ensure future versions of humans 9000 years from now can reproduce the internet, cell phone coverage, space flight? Where are you going to give them all the info needed to do that? It would be quicker and easier for us to just preserve the equipment somehow, wouldn't it? You could include the instructions but if you look at how many interpretations of hieroglyphics and Sumerian there are, it's unlikely they will have any clue what nonsense they contain. Pictures, symbols, mathematics - its the only sure way to pass it on. And look where we are right now. About to figure it out. So why criticize?

  23. Dear Vladimir KovalSky,
    I am marveled by your description above description on Ranmasu Uyana Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. I an neither a historian or an Archaeologist or a n expert in this field like you. but I love my country and history. So in the first p;ace let me congratulate and thank you profusely for the excellent work you ha made on this subject. I am writing this important note to you to bring to your attention to another Star gate in Sri Lanka called Lakegala located on the eastern extremity of Mahanuwara (Kandy) District. This I call the highest and the biggest bare rock out crop in the world. It is 4329 feet above sea level and the most fascinating rock sentinel I have seen anywhere in the world. The name Lakegala means in my language (Sinhala) beautiful. This country has being named Lanka-the beautiful- land after this rock.
    I would first invite you to read my article 'The Wonder that is Lakegala from where Rvana ruled this world) published in Asian Tribune of 2006. 10. 21. and there after initiate a full study on this natures wonder. In case you decide to do it I will give my fullest support to your mission.
    With best wishes,
    Dr Sudath Gunasekara

    1. Dear Dr Sudath Gunasekara,
      Thank you very much for the interesting comment, I have found your article here: and read it with great interest.
      Also, the interesting fact is that "…this is the place where King Ravana lifted his historical aeroplane called Dhandu Monara according to a popular legend".
      Do you know, is there any evidences of rock processing, man-made caves or something like this?

    2. Dear Vladimir KovalSky,
      I am trying to find out such information. I have contacted several persons and asked them to look for such information in two or three specified places. One is the Maligatenna behind the rock where there is a site of an old rock pillars of an ancient maligawa. The other is the mysterious thicket of a patch of jungles a little below the centre of the front face of the rock that never runs dry. I have not been able to go tot his place as I left the village when I was only 10 year And even climbing the Lakegala was taboo for me when my father was living. So only in 2002 at the age of 54 I did it years after my father's death.I am happy you have traced my article 'The Wonder that is Lakegala from where Ravana ruled his Kingdom and Buddha preached Lankawatara Sutr' to Ravana.
      I too have asked the Commissioner of Archaeology to to look for such details for example Ledges on the rock or any Brahmi letters any where I also want to suggest him to start a research project say something like 'Lakegala Star Gate Research Project Sri Lanka" Also i have asked . some people in the village to look for such information.They should be able to do so after the rainy season is over in Feb.
      I will keep you informed of progress. I am so happy to see you interest in this mission. I assure you all my support for you to make your dream come true.

      With best wishes
      Sudath Gunasekara.

    3. OK, this is all a bit silly.

      Can anyone tell me what the significance of 20 is in Sinalese?

      To me, it is pretty obvious and simple:
      There are 20 swimming things in the sea that covers the earth (outer ring)
      There are 20 uprights (in pairs)
      20 boxes between the uprights
      20 circles with crosses (not the left and right ones, they are different)
      Two opposing forces, both little circles with crosses and left one is "dolmen" shape with spiral, right is "dolmen" shape with circle - north pole/south pole?
      Did they divide the earth or the sky in to twenty areas/months etc.?
      The inner has 8 circles = planets with the dot = sun
      It is also a vimana. 7 levels and the dot = spire
      So, a Vimana is a represeentation of the solar system.
      All pretty basic stuff.
      Central one is Shiva's, the smaller one is for Meenakshi
      THis also makes sense, as Meenakshi means "fish-eyed", hence all the fishes and mermaids etc.
      Could also be the twety-eight avatars ... not sure about that one.
      The umbrellas? Or are they bows and arrows? One for Shiva, one for Meenakshi?
      The Frog Upanishad
      So, it's all about the Vimana of Shiva and Meenakshi with Upanishad between them stopping them from fighting and making love. The Vimana are the solar system, and the twenty circles are in the twenty sectors of (the sky or heaven) and are the months and cycles of the moon. These are in the centre of the earth, which has a north and south pole and is surrounded (covered) by water with 20 fish, mermaids and crabs in it (the sea).

    4. Ah! Twenty ... the Devika Padas :¬)

  24. Wonderfull people on earth.Respect your knowledge.

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  26. For many years I have used the Sun Wheel or Sun Cross with out knowing for what the symbol relates: But I see it appear as a Symbol Street Sign for Spiritual Enlightenment that allows the mind to find it's way to Truth.

    I believe it symbolizes Ancient Hidden Truths found here. Nothing more than if you are there and that Symbol is there ... It's telling you to focus and look closely at what is all around you ... a roadmap to Truth.

  27. stargate Sri it aliens related thing realy?let me know...

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  29. This is great article. Also there is more evidence in sri Lankan historical places. King ravana technology and places still not find out. Regarding black knight satellite also one of his technology.

  30. #indika perera can you described more about black knight satellite

  31. Unknown Image of Mermaid = Capricorn constellation. Capri means half in, half out
    Great article

  32. 53 hmmmmmmmmmmm what does it mean

    රන්මසු උයනේ රූප සහිත සංඛේත චක්‍රය[සංස්කරණය]

    රන්මසු උයනේ රූප සහිත සංඛේත චක්‍රය
    රන්මසු උයනට අයත් අංක 34 නම් ලෙනෙහි විශ්ව චක්‍රය ලෙස හඳුන්වනු ලබන රූප සහිත විශේෂ සංඛේත චක්‍රයක් දැකගත හැකිවේ. මීටර 1.8 ක පමණ විශ්කම්භයක වෘත්තයකින් යුතු මෙහි විවිධ ජ්‍යාමිතික හැඩතල හා සත්ව රූප දක්නට ලැබේ. වෘත්තයේ පිටත කොටසේ ජලජ සත්ව රූප පිහිනා යන අයුරින් දක්වා ඇත. එම සත්වයින් අතර මතස්‍යයින්, හක් බෙල්ලන්, කැස්බෑවන් හෝ ඉබ්බන්, කකුළුවා, මුහුදු අශ්වයා, මුහුදු සිංහයා හා දැල්ලෙකු යැයි සිතිය හැකි ජලජ ජීවීන් වේ.

    මෙහි සටහන් වෘත්තය මධ්‍යයේ සම සතරැස් කොටුවක් තුළ වෘත්ත හතක් වේ. ඒ වටා විවිධ පරිමාවෙන් යුතු කොටු දක්වා තිබෙන අතර සෑම කොටුවක් මැද කිසියම් ජ්‍යාමිතික හැඩතලයක් බැගින් දැක්වේ. එම හැඩතල අතර කොටස් හතරකට බෙදන ලද කුඩා වෘත්ත කිහිපයක්ද, ඡත්‍රයකට සමාන සංඛේතද, හඳුනාගත නොහැකි හැඩතලද වේ.

    මෙම චක්‍රයේ ඉහල කොටසේ පූර්ව බ්‍රාහ්මී අක්ෂරයෙන් සටහන්, පනති පනශ යනුවෙන් පාඨයක් වේ. එහි තේරුම පනස් තුනක් යන්න වේ. මේ චක්‍රයේ ඇති සත්ව රූප හා ජ්‍යාමිතික හැඩතල වල එකතුව එක සමාන වන අතර සත්ව රූප විස්ස හා ජ්‍යාමිතික හැඩතල තිස්තුනක එකතුවද පනස් තුනක් වේ. ඒ අනූව සෙල්ලිපියේ අන්තර්ගතය හා චක්‍ර සටහනේ එකතුවද එකිනෙක ගැලපෙයි

  33. We are talking about more than 5000 years of history. Evidence will be minimum.
    But the ones stand strong for those number of years still provides some visuals to the present.
    Star gate concept is not a myth. And the similar symbols found in many different places on earth.
    So there should be a meaning for this.
    Ravan in a person who was attached to RO clan, and heavily believes Sun God.
    In Egypt scripts, it says, lion people who came from air helped to build pyramids.
    Once they landed, they established start gate for easy travels.
    It might be a mythical story, then how pyramid gets such a big stones.
    Even the stone type not exists in Egypt.
    I think the writer cleared a pathway to a serious discussion.
    We understood that in Sigiriya also known to a star gate area, and found several evidence of it.
    Later on, British treasure hunter stolen all the treasures from Sigiriya and placed a fake lion paws in front of main door.
    Try to excavate the history, very unusual lion paws and a very different type of bricks. It says all.
    You have to move your thinking towards to a different direction.

  34. Sakwala Chakraya, what I feel as a MAP.
    Center point is where it located the main gate. And the other + signs provides various other places which star gates are available to operate. There are 2 main star gates located on earth. One in Sri Lanka and another one in Egypt, where it shows pyramid sign.

    Earth symbolized by surrounded animal symbol.
    When you have very sophisticated method of carving stones, build stupa's, palaces, why this symbol is very simple. No much detailed carving in it?


    Its not a place to go to another place. Its only a map.

  35. Hi do you have a twitter or email I can message you on?

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  38. Vladimir KovalSky Said: It can hardly be a picture of our Solar System, because it has seven circles only. The Solar System comprises Sun and eight planets (there used to be more), asteroids and some protoplanets (dwarf planets).
    With high possibility it can symbolize some kind of an oscillation process, radiation from antenna (acoustic radiation).

    After due respect to your views

    Dear readers I have NOT studied the diagram in depth. However, we all agree that there are seven rings in both the central set of rings and the smaller set of rings.I further notice that the "dot" in the very center is actually ON the innermost ring and not in the middle.

    Now, its quite right that our solar system has more planets than seven. BUT are we not on the seventh orbital as we enter our solar system from outer space? YES WE ARE! The central "dot" which to me is ON the innermost circle is an indicator, to say GO NO MORE than the seventh orbital. That is where the PLANET is. (maybe, just maybe, this is why from time immemorial many cultures consider seven as a lucky number).
    There have been other artifacts found in other parts of the world with star maps, with "directions" to find Earth when travelling towards the Sun from outer space. I have a strong feeling that this is a star map more than a star gate or any other. I am open to your views please.

  39. To all my friends who are interested in the world beyond our knowledge or visibility!

    We may or may not call this a star gate. The question is not about the name. The scientific knowledge is limited only up to the knowledge of the average human mind, but our ancestors would have been more knowledgeable in the context that they developed their consciousness through meditation which made them to see at things in a translucent manner/ wider scale. Our conscience is not smart enough to have a proper understanding of the truth and therefore we give different definitions which are not quite right. This is only my honest opinion. Thanks for all.

  40. imo this is only a simple graph showing when the best time of day or night it would be to go fishing and for which type of fish you wish to catch during the best high/low tide times of the day. numbers 5 and 6 are obviously the sunrise and sun set and maybe the moon cycles are the inner part of 5/6. i believe number 2 to be a frog that would be hunted with a bow and arrow. so if you look at this as a fishing chart, can you figure out all the details.

  41. Vladimir Kovalev,
    I stumbled upon your article and laud your efforts. we may never know the truth or to say the least... come anywhere near to articulating same. I agree with Nissanka Seniviratne's take on the subject that there are things that are far beyond our comprehension. Thank you gentleman for your noble input. Respectfully.../ Shane

  42. Greta article Vlad! The implosive geometry of infrasound! Couldn't agree more! Surf the Zuvuya, the magnetic flow vortexed ouy of the galactic center.

    7/3 is a hypersphere

    Cranium infrasound frequency is 4 Hz

  43. Dear Vladimir! Whenever I’m introduced to a complex pattern such as our Sri Lankan stone carving, I make the effort to count. Here we have 20 ringed crosses that Jaina Jain connects to the true value of Pi:

    Could the 20 small circles be 1/20 th of the overall structures diameter? 20 creatures are in the perimeter as well. The 7 concentric circles in the center could be the 7 chakras? I’ll keep digging!

  44. 7 concentric circle symbolism related to Hindu Geometry is explored here:

  45. The circles double from the outside in:
    1,2,4,8 and then 7 concentric in the center
    16 the 5th number in the sequence is 5 in digital root math. The human form is a star 5 pattern.
    Regarding 5s John Dee cited 252 as of extreme importance . 252 is the number of spheres in the 5th expansion of Buckminster Fuller’s Vector Equilibrium the cube octahedron. Vladimir you might enjoy this entertains and education exploration of John Dee’s monad:

  46. 16 is 7 ( not 5 ) in digital root math
    But 16 is the 5th number in the doubling sequence.

  47. What if the outer circle with the fish symbols is representative of a weekend van allen belt and a solar flood? Perhaps during a polar flip . That supposedly happens every 65,000 years , but is past due by 780,000 years . This may lead one to believe that the frequencys properly used by the builders of these pyramids across the globe may have stalled cataclysmic magnetic events . Controling electrolytes in water molecules and blood can be done with frequencys and the electromagnetic fields within also . The thunder of which the symbol represents is frequency and the feminine effected is earths water and molten core. Pyramids weren't made for man or woman or to send a frequency to make us feel good . The were made to stabilize or affect the earth . Just a hunch. W.O.L.F.

  48. The circles with a plus sign are the star fomation during the "event" being shown on stone . And if you look at the lines people are calling a circuit with three a dimensional point of view , the top half is an almost perfect albeit " Magnetic " reflection of the bottom half. The circles within circles are more than likely our poles with the layers being our core , earths surface , magnetic polarity field , the atmospheric layers , and the magnetic Van allen belt. W.O.L.F.

  49. You forgot to mention Riverston star gate just opposit side of Peru gate

  50. Interesting read. Much appreciated.
    Lot more things I wish to know and discuss..

  51. I want you to help me solve the beale's ciphers and I'm rashen 12 years old

  52. the skwala chakraya shows the formation of the galaxy no worries I examined it for two years as I found it earlier when I went there I'm rashen the 12 year old kid in the earlier comment

  53. My personal idea is that is a plan of SEA WATER POWERD AIRCRAFT (WIMANA). It's sea water powerd mercury anti gravity engine of a wimana aircraft of ravana. Mercury rotates with the electricity that generated from sea water and it will generate antigravity force. It's a aircraft. Simply it's a plan of a UFO.

  54. this is just a thought first time i came across the sakwala charraya , i immediatly noticed the outer ring to be dull of sea\animals after a while I realised the mermaid like creature could in fact be a manatee (also known as a sea cow) and the other one a seahorseof course there ar many species of sea horse. only thing the manatee doesnt occor near SL , may be they did then. the masu angle some one mentioned about being meaning value is also another meaning as masu was currency as in Ran masu ( or masuran) was "gold currency" im not an expeert or even an ameteur of course ,
    but what are your thoughts about the above creatures as a manatee .

  55. Just realised the species realated to the manatee , the Dugong exsits in the cpalk straits and was distributed throughout the coastal belt in sri lanka ,this could be the mystry mermaid creature , the manatee have known to be mistaken as mermaids

  56. Umbrellas are not umbrellas but Sagittarius bow that points towards Orion star system like Giza pyramids do too. Circle crosses are nothing but planets yet to be found from the Orion star system. This is definitely an ancient map of our Milkyway. Humans came to the Earth as souls who took different physical forms before our current development state and that’s why it’s been so important to preserve that information by carving it to the stones.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


    These facts are mixed with Mahayana (true Lord Budurajan Wahansa words are in Theravada )

    31 dimension existing and Sumeru mountain is the pillar which hold this Sakwala (only higher state of mind/Cleansed to certain level of ones Greed,Anger,Ingnorance could see to their purified eyes that mountain onwards and below hells.In Theravada Buddhism "Enligtment means ones fully 100% diminish Greed, Anger,Ignorance by becoming Arahath".It can be done only in Theravada Buddhism.By practicing as exactly as Lord Budurajan Wahansa preached.And his Dhamma been practiced in 1Trillion of Sakwala.So that is Lords area for Dhamma.By becoming Budurajan Wahansa means (which a state that was impossible but a person with such a courage aeons 10^140 x 4 Lordhad to practice Giving up his materials, loved ones, Body parts, finally his life to Understand this mechanism of Universe.So 2600 yrs ago he finially finished it and became Lord Budurajan Wahansa (No ego, none) .Thats why he did not take over all the Sakwala..saying I am the Ultimate One.Lord has seen, experience everthing !!!By doing precepts one can start eg:
    No killing from naked eye animals and beyond.No stealing, No adultery (no younger age, only married according to once customs), No Lying (no white lies,not for jokes even ), No intoxication ( no drugs, alcohol or any which harm your natural state of mind)
    Monks have very higher amount of precepts.But truly only handful are practicing current day n age !

    So Lords final words are cultivate good karma to diminish Greed Anger, Ignorance.To end this cycle of Birth and Death !

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  60. Need to discover more. This isn't enough. Isn't it ?

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  65. Intriguing blog post about the Star Gate of Sri Lanka! This captivating site holds a special place in the country's history and culture. By the way, for those in London planning to visit Dubai, don't forget to check the Dubai visa requirements for a smooth travel experience. The Star Gate offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient mysteries and architectural wonders. Thank you for sharing this fascinating insight and sparking our curiosity about Sri Lanka's rich heritage. Keep up the great work of uncovering hidden gems!

  66. Hi Mr. Vladimir. Thanks a lot for your findings. Thanks for your effort try solving this puzzle. I learned lot of things reading this blog.
    This is named as Stargate. So we are watching this from view point of Stargate..
    I also try from my view point.
    First I thought big set of 7 circle is milky way and other one is Andromeda.
    But I have no much details to prove it.

    Secondly I thought 7 circle set is our solar system and the rest is stars can see from naked eye.and the small circle set is another solar system near to us.
    Sea is the border and the creatures are the sodiac. Different sodiac symbols because of different findings different teachings sodiac also get different.
    But we can find the crab there (cancer)
    But this theory also cannot prove due to not much knowledge.

    3rd ly we can think this is a city map. Like sigiriya city. This ripples like circles might represent a sthupa or chaithya.

    But finally I think different way. This map represents our brain. Or our minds. This is showing how to free our mind. How to unlock mysteries in our mind.
    How to go out of the frame. Edge line representing great sea. It represent all the living creatures and the middle circle is the ultimate point any body can reach. Rest of the circle are the challenges to pass by. So this was help to Buddhist monk to meditate at that time.

    This all just my thoughts.
    Can be correct or incorrect too.

  67. Sorry I forgot to introduced me. I am Mario. Sri Lanka. I put the above last comment