Monday, June 3, 2013

New mysterious riddles of Sri Lanka. What unites the ancient civilization of the Indian subcontinent with Africa, Atlantis and South America?

the famous yapahuwa stone lion, sri lankaMihintale, Sigiriya and Yapahuwa: mysterious triangle of sacral objects, memory of whose went through the Millenniums.
Chapter 4 of a Detailed Photo Essay on Sigiriya.

The "lion's Rock" of Sigiriya, placed near the mysterious Pidurangala "pyramid rock", really appears as a heart of the vast complex located in Sri Lanka, the memory about the importance of which and all of its sacred items have reached our days. 
Impossibility of natural formations of such rocks of this type and similar orientation of the elements and the complex as a whole at the possible location of the legendary Atlantis leave no doubt in their artificial creation and prove close connection between them, hitting imagination by the highest level of technologies, available to pre-historic human civilization. 

Here it is, the great set of three rocky plateaus, with signs of artificial origin, or at least processing, memory of sanctity of which went through Millenniums, surrounded by a halo of legends and myths of worship for people – Mihintale, Yapahuwa and a pair Sigiriya / Pidurangala:

triangle Mihintale, Sigiriya-Yapahuwa, Pidurangala, view from altitude 100 km, Google Earth, alternative history, secrets, Indian subcontinent

I draw your attention to the fact that their location appears as an almost perfectly accurate shape-isosceles triangle (points were taken on the centers of symmetry of each object).  And don't be confused by the fact that the upper (South) side of the triangle somewhat shorter than the lower (Northern). There is a reason.
Apparently, it was important for its creators to provide ideally accurate directions and angles, so that the projection of the triangle on the Earth's surface made such an effect, because Earth surface from the North Pole to Equator expands. The same effect we may see on the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops), length of Southern foundation of which is longer than Northern, because of ideally accurate orientation of the pyramid sides.

In my previous article (namely in Chapter 3), I drew your attention to the artificiality of the huge Pidurangala rock top, as if it were cut off diagonally by a giant knife, so that it appears in the projection as an equilateral triangle. Assuming that the object had a quite specific purpose and function, such as Over-The-Horizon Radar Antenna Complex, I held the line on its axis of symmetry, and found that it went over the place of alleged location of Atlantis, described by Plato, in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of the "Pillars of Hercules" (in front of Strait of Gibraltar).

During a careful study of the triangle Mihintale-Sigiriya-Yapahuwa, it turned out that its axis of symmetry (the line, drawn from the apex (Sigiriya) through the middle of a base of the triangle) coincides with the axis of symmetry of the triangular top of Pidurangala rock, they have the same direction and parallel to each other!
Such a coincidences could hardly be just randomness and probability, but regularity and law. Such coincidences are simply impossible!