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Birth and destruction of the pyramids. Types of the ancient infrasound receivers.

The SCIROCCO Infrasound Vibroacoustic Broadcasting Interface. Part 2.  

Introduction: This article is a continuation of the SCIROCCO Infrasound Vibroacoustic Broadcasting Interface. Part 1.  

Birth and destruction of pyramids, purpose of building and operating of pyramids


4.4. Birth of the pyramids.
4.5. Destruction of the pyramids.
5. Infrasound receivers.
5.1. Signaling receivers.
5.2. Informational receivers.
5.2.1. Volumetric tuning-fork infrasound data receivers. Domed volumetric tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Drum volumetric and tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Rocky volumetric tuning-fork infrasound receivers.

4.4. Birth of the pyramids.

Many animals can hear infrasound; whales and elephants are talking on it. 
Most of animals actively use infrasound terrain map. 
Migratory birds fly home focusing only on this map. 
They are able to find their homeland even with closed eyes.

Each area has its own infrasound “signature” or “map”, which is formed by natural features: mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls.
Big mountain always vibrates under pressure of a stream of wind at its resonance frequency and can be heard for hundreds, and many mountains for thousands of kilometers.
Animals remember this melody of areas, it is nearly constant.
Many animals feel natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and landslides.
These phenomena create powerful infrasound waves which overtake disaster and spread across the planet.
Such bright changes of infrasound terrain maps frighten animals, so they are trying to escape from the approaching infrasound source.

Perhaps ancient man had a more developed sense of smell and hearing; possibly he also heard and felt infrasonic waves and fields.
Large solitary mountains were an excellent reference point in any terrain; people could distinguish them by ear.
Some pyramidal mountains sing in different voices, depending on the wind strength and other factors.
At some point people began to think about how you can use songs of mountains to alert their fellow tribesmen.

Figure 52. Amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC) of the mountains of different shapes. 

Amplitude-frequency characteristics AFC diagram of mountains of different shapes