Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The SCIROCCO Infrasound Vibroacoustic Broadcasting Interface. Part 1.

Author: Efiraom.
Initially, the article was published here (on Russian):
Date of first version of the publication: 20.02.2013.

Summary: this article reveals the purpose and goal of building of the pyramids by the prehistoric civilizations of Earth (on example of the Great Pyramid of Giza), as well as domed underground tombs, dolmens, megalithic structures of the Neolithic period (Sades, Menhirs, Cromlechs etc.) and other previously hardly explained objects (the total number of which is not less than 100,000 on our planet). 
The SCIROCCO theory logically combines all of these mysterious objects together and explains what they had been built for and how they work from a scientific point of view only: by the use of Wave Theory and the Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering.

Great pyramid of Giza necropolis, Pyramid of Khufu, Cheops, Menkaure, Khafre under blue sky


1. Entry
1.1. Resonator, oscillator, and energy flow.
1.2. Sound oscillators running on air flows.
2. Electrical transmitters of energy.
2.1. Functional diagram of the oscillator.
2.2. Functional diagram of a transmitter.
2.3. Functional diagram of a transmitter with frequency modulation.
3. SCIROCCO - Vibroacoustic Infrasound Oscillator powered by wind flow.
3.1. Functional diagram and assessment of the oscillator’s power.
3.2. Description of the SCIROCCO oscillator operation. 
3.3. Coriolis amplifier. Orientation of the transmitter. The directional diagram of antenna radiation.
3.4. Choosing location for the SCIROCCO oscillator-transmitter.
4. Vibroacoustic infrasound oscillators on the Giza plateau.
4.1. Background.
4.2. Three models of vibroacoustic infrasound oscillators.
4.3. Vibroacoustic infrasound oscillator of the Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops).
4.4. Birth of the pyramids.
4.5. Destruction of the pyramids.
5. Infrasound receivers.
5.1. Signaling receivers.
5.2. Informational receivers.
5.2.1. Volumetric tuning-fork infrasound data receivers. Domed volumetric tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Drum volumetric and tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Rocky volumetric tuning-fork infrasound receivers.
5.2.2. On-rocky volumetric infrasound data receivers. Tumulus – on-rocky volumetric pseudo-domed infrasound receivers. Dolmen - on-rocky volumetric infrasound receivers. Mastaba - on-rocky volumetric infrasound receivers. Nuraghe - on-rocky volumetric infrasound receivers.
5.2.3. Tuning-fork infrasound data receivers. Figured tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Rod tuning-fork infrasound receivers. Colonnades.
5.2.4. Domed ground receivers. Naves, Cathedrals, Mosques, Stupas (Pagodas.) Frequency characteristics of domed ground receivers.
6. Main purpose of the SCIROCCO Infrasound Interface.
7. Conclusion.
8. Statement of authorship.
9. Sources of information.
10. Publications in peer-reviewed scientific magazines.