Sunday, February 3, 2013


A hope is based on a promise of God... 

A man who gained a hope and became more strong and powerful to win a victory over himself.

Hope? What the hope is? Is it blood and the air which fill our bodies and souls with sense of life? Or it is just illusion which keeps us alive despite of miserable existence of crippled souls in this cruel world? Of course, everybody will learn it individually, depending on his own experience… 

But the true is that hope is only part of action, it is fuel of an engine, warhead of a nuclear missile, trigger of a gun, pointed to the worst of your enemies – to you! Especially your laziness, despair and inactivity… Hope makes sense only in action, in fight against all the difficulties which staying on your way, to the victory over your weaknesses, to the triumph of your mind and free will. 

Nobody is your Master, but you! You are not a slave of somebody else, but you! You are both - good and evil for yourself, and it is only your own decision – how to live and what to do! 

I’ll tell you more – you are the God, because you are the part of the God, the same as everything in the Universe.

When you understand it you become to give true answers to your own questions. And then you will see how your life will change to best…

White chamomiles with green leafs are fighting through grey asphalt
Nothing and nobody can stop you if your hope fueled you for action. 

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  1. Thank you. This is beautiful, powerful, and true.